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Searching Snow White's Apple

Searching Snow White's Apple_Gaby Berger

This work was nominated for the Stanislav Libensky Award 2018.

Past exhibitions:
* November 2022 Exposition in the Castle Cannenburch in Vaassen (Nl)
* August 2022 in the Castle Hof d’Intere in Lille in the Antwerp Kempen.
   Read more on www.dezomervanwechel.be
* Oct.-Nov. 2019 in S12 Galleri og Verksted, Bergen, Norway: "Young and loving 2019".
* Oct. 2019 in Glasrijk Tubbergen, The Netherlands: "Mirror,mirror ... glazen sprookjes"
* Sept.-Nov. 2018: in Dox - Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague (CZ): "The Stanislav Libensky Award 2018"
* nov. 2018:  Glas en keramiekbeurs in Leerdam (NL)
* June 2018:  Open doors of IKA (Instituut voor kunst en ambacht) in Mechelen (B).
* May 2018:  Graduation Exhibition of art in glass in Cultureel Centrum in Mechelen (B).


Contaminated food brought for a lot of human suffering and damage, with economic consequences, health problems or even deadly consequences.
The causes are diverse and range from tragic misunderstandings and clearances of nature to intentional deception.
I selected a serie of incidents all over the world and represented them in sandblasted glass objects on a table.
The matte pale hue reflects the outrage and also gives rest to the eye of the beholder, so that he can approach this versatile topic easier. 
The installation symbolizes the influence of man on the life as well as its powerlessness and mortality.

Fipronil crisis: Chicken with blood lices


Chicken legs with PCB


Fraud with wine


Bradford Sweets with Arsenic

Fraud with alcohol

Mexican grain in Irak

Dioxin crisis


Milk powder

Olive oil

Planta affaire

Minamata desease

Veviba affaire

Toxic tea


Searching Snow White's Apple_Gaby Berger